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Accelerate Your Path to Board Service November 2020

Are you already on a board, looking to expand your board portfolio, or wondering how to get your first board seat? Our panel of experts are seasoned board members and board recruiters who share their takes on how to accelerate your path to board service.

Covid-19 Updates: Readiness, Research and Vaccines November 2020

Our Zooming Through the Covid Crisis series returned with a special briefing on healthcare system readiness as Covid infections surge locally and globally, research and innovations since the spring, and the development of therapeutics and vaccines to contain and end the pandemic.

A Tapestry of Leadership October 2020

On September 30th, IWF-DC members gathered to continue the conversation on race and leadership with a focus on what diversity looks like from a leadership perspective and insights on how to manage a diverse and inclusive workplace in the 21st century.

19th Amendment Centennial Celebrated with Re-release of Barbara Franklin Story August 2020

To celebrate the 19th Amendment centennial, Penn State Library Press has re-released  A Matter of Simple Justice: The Untold Story of Barbara Franklin and A Few Good Women by Lee Stout.

A Conversation on Race and Leadership in the 21st Century July 2020

The last few weeks have underscored the critical importance of untold stories from the lives of Black American women.

Lettie Bien to Lead Defense Affairs Program Committee July 2020

The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce has hired Lettie J.

Becoming a Successful Leader in a Virtual World June 2020

Two IWF members--communications expert Susan Peterson and executive coach and interior designer Jenna Dorn--gave a creative crash course on how to be your best in this new world of online gatherings.

Conversation with UNICEF ED Henrietta Fore June 2020

Henrietta Fore, the 7th Executive Director of UNICEF and an IWF-DC member, led a thought-provoking discussion on the ways UNICEF is supporting children through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and how IWF members, businesses, and non-profits can engage as leaders and innovators on the local level.


On April 16, Mary Davis Holt, an executive coach, speaker and author, led a Zoom discussion on leadership in times of crisis.

Reboot Webinar for IWF-DC May 2020

Giving Yourself the "Gift of Time" to Reboot Your Life.

Women at NASA: Leading the Way in Space Exploration May 2020

Scientist and NASA astronaut Kathryn Sullivan and NASA's senior-most woman executive Melanie Saunders shared the excitement and challenges of exploring the unknown in a personal discussion moderated by Michelle Bernard, commentator and founder of The Bernard Center for Women.

IWF-DC Healthcare Providers: Innovators on the Front Lines April 2020

On Thursday, April 9th, physician and coach Dr.

IWF-DC Zooming Through Covid Crisis April 2020

On Thursday, April 2nd, IWF-DC members came together to discuss the unprecedented challenges of our times in the first of a series of 40-minute virtual sessions via Zoom.

IWF-DC Innovators During Covid Crisis March 2020

Here's a list of IWF-DC members who are providing services for the DC community during the Covid crisis.

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